Mumblecore at E Street

I recently went to the E Street Cinema for a free screening of The Kids Are Alright. (You can joing the Facebook group, I Love Free Movies for these random screenings). I also have seen Despicable Me which I can highly recommend if you can handle 3-D glasses and unbearable cuteness for 90 minutes.

Sadly, there were no tickets left for the screening, so I weighed my options and decided to pony up the $8.50 for a ticket to Cyrus.

Cyrus made my day. Made my week. This movie was immediate and personal while making me so glad that I have no part in the characters’ situation.
The protagonist, John, (he’s not our hero by any means, he’s just a guy we like–and I have liked John C. Reilly immensely ever since Mr. Cellophane) is divorced and tired of trying to make himself likable to the pool of singles into which he earnestly throws himself. Finally he meets Molly, who unpredictably and miraculously likes him. Really likes him. Then the other shoe drops with the introduction of Cyrus, Molly’s maybe-genius-maybe-unstable live at home son.
I can’t tell you any more, but I encourage you to see the movie and think about other people. Are we too satisfied with our lives that we don’t want to add other people? Can our lives ever be too full?
The story as well as the way the movie is edited made me enjoy the time and money I was investing. Scenes cut to the next shot while a voice is still speaking, creating a cloud of feelings about what is happening rather than just listening to dialogue. No wonder those Sundance types ate it up.
This is a wonderful movie–tight story-telling, expansive character development, fun up-and-down moments. It made me very happy. Please go see it.

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  1. Joel says:

    wow, i almost went to that! i shoulda!

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