I Wanna Walk Like You

Have you ever noticed that what annoys or irks you about someone else is something that (ack! deep down) is one of your own precious personality quirks? Egad, what could that mean?

Is it that opposites attract? We are looking for someone else to balance us out, create some kind of equilbriulm? Perhaps. My Spanish friends are always going on and on about finding their media naranja, the other half of their orange. Is that it?

Or is it that we don’t recognize ourselves for what we really are? This morning, walking to work here on this beauifully muggy DC morning, I passed a girl. This girl was a little younger than I am, took a few more fashion cues from Teen Vogue than I do, but whatevs. I noticed this girl looked off into space, start to smile, and slow her step, seeming to be thinking about something she found entertaining.

Who is this girl and how did she take over my very psyche without me knowing?! This is exactly what I have been known to do! Of course, when I do it, it is eminently charming. This girl just caused me to be concerned and take a wide distance around her as I passed.

Finding maybe not a soulmate but perhaps a media naranja for your own foibles can cause unease and introspection, both very dangerous items for twenty-first century Americans. “Do I really suck my teeth like that?” “Do I really interupt people like that?” “Do I really say things to confuse others for no reason like that?”

Anyway, look at people on the street next time you’re out. Really look. It will probably make you stand up straighter at the least.


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  1. Joel says:

    media naranja. i like that.

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