I’m not Jewish

I have always been a fan of the events put on by the Sixth & I Synagogue here in DC. I’ve just never made it to one of there events. Until last night.

They had arranged to show Caddyshack (don’t knock it) at the Capitol Skyline Hotel’s outdoor pool at sunset. I got there before almost anyone else, so it was just me and the eastern European guests who were probably fooled by the Internet into thinking that would be a good place to headquarter their American vacation. You know you’ve been in DC long enough when you pity the tourists.
In any event, the whole episode reinforced the romanticism of DC that has been lacking lately, lost in the sultry 110 degree heat index. As I floated in the pool and looked up to see the Capitol dome with jet steams behind it leading to Reagan, I found myself feeling pretty happy about this town.
So I was in a friendly mood when the other patrons started to arrive. As the frolicking started to pick up, I struck up a conversation with two lovely young men who were making a show of playing pool golf–not an easy endeavor under optimum circumstances, let alone with blonde Austrian children swimming all through the course. We’re talking, we’re talking, “So what do you do?” “Oh, I work for a non-profit like everyone else. You?” “Well, I’m visiting from California and my cousin here just got back from Birthright.” “Oh yeah? I hear that’s amazing!” “It is! Have you been yet?”
Oh no. This guy thinks I’m Jewish. Is this bad? Should I saw anything? I didn’t say anything, I just smiled (my female readers will identify with this decision for non-action). What am I doing at a Sixth & I Synagogue event anyway?
Oh, that’s right, I can do whatever I want! What a refreshing reminder, cool dip in the pool aside.
I can do whatever I want! Just remind yourself of that whenever you happen to see a Norman Rockwell print of drink a Coke and get nostalgic for childhood. When you were a kid, you couldn’t do anything–no smoking, no driving, no voting, no drinking, no options!
Now, I know I still can’t breathe underwater, so don’t go that route. But even with all the worries and responsibilities of being an adult, come on, it’s pretty great.

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  1. Joel says:

    repeat after me — "barohk atahhhh adenoi alluheynu mallok hollum"

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