Do You Feel a Draught?

So, once you are able to hang around with a local, you get a better feel for what the place really is, not just what it appears to you in your jetlagged and bleary-eyed state. My townie informed me of the Seattle chill. This is not like a chill and relaxed attitude, but a burr, it’s cold in here!

I thought this was just his impression. Sadly, not everyone is as amiable and charming as your author. But! BUT! Even I, your fearless reporter, experienced the Seattle chill. I know, I was as surprised as you are!

Perhaps living in such an idyllic place has made the local thornily defensive, preferring their city not become another Austin, Texas (overrun with tech yuppies). Perhaps it’s the usually overcast weather that has dampened their spirits to such an extent that even a smile is a chore. Perhaps they are secretly vampires. I really do not know. But there it is.

I resolve not to let this preclude me having a grand old time here, however. I am not off to Fremont, home of Gasworks Park and the naked bicycle ride. Maybe the resident weirdos will be a little warmer.


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