It’s A Draw

Well, Seattle has it all. I even had that little spat with Seattle in the last post. Look how cute we are, already fighting!

On my scale of city liveability, let’s take a look at the results.

  • Eye Contact: So, Seattle does have an issue with this. The Seattle Chill or The Freeze is a real thing. A chilly reminder that you are not accepted. This can be got around if one has a built in support system of friends or acquaintances behind whom you can hide from the withering glances of tattooed hipsters.
  • Culture: Seattle has culture in spades. Besides the constant visual barrage of Starbucks(s), each neighborhood is refreshingly unique and individual to its own identity. Fremont, Ballard, Belltown, Phinney Ridge, Queen Anne, they are all different and absoutely charming! As far as culture itself goes, you decide–I saw a kazoo rock opera! Now how much more culture can one take? I also strolled through the Olympic Sculpture Garden past participants in Yoga in the Park. There’s more, but those are the ideas I want to leave seared on your brain: yoga and kazoos.
  • Transportation: The bus system is what most people use. The monorail is a bit of a joke with the locals, and it’s super expensive ($4 one-way, I think not!). I recommend driving as all the above charming neighborhoods are spread out. Then, there is always the Duck Tour, whcih, bizarrely, I recommend.
  • Weather: The weather has a terrible reputation in Seattle. But it is all a facade. It was absolutely beautiful last week, leading me to believe that the Seattle is overcast and rainy mystique is an elaborately woven web of LIES! Obviously its residents are trying to keep people away with falsehoods. (OK, it is chilly and overcast for the most part, I was just there on a good/phenomenal week, and I can accept this)
It’s difficult to say, but Seattle is giving DC a run for the money. Some would just pack it in and say, Screw you, DC! I’ve had my fun here, but it’s time to move to greener, awesomer pastures! But not this tenacious blogger. I will investigate all the more fervently the hidden, the elusive, the subtle and the ephemeral cultural offerings that are to be had here in DC.
Stay tuned.

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  1. Joel says:

    trivia – Seattle actually gets less annual rainfall than NYC!

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