New Does Not Equal Good

We all already know this, but the people at Continental Airlines need to be reminded.  On my flights to and from Texas, I was enticed to watch terrible (just terrible) movies during the two-hour-plus flight. 

On the way there, I was able to make a new friend thanks to Jennifer Lopez and The Back-up Plan (20%).  We bonded by laughing at the obviously insane characters in the movie.  On the way back, I had no such luck.  The person sitting in 22C before me had plugged his earbuds into the seat jack, left to go to the bathroom, returned and sat down quickly, breaking off the set in the jack.  This meant that I was watching The Last Airbender (7%!!) without sound, for which I should be thankful.  When will M. Night Shyamalan go away?!

The lesson here is to embrace the classics.  Get some pre-1980s movies from Netflix.  Go to the National Gallery of Art for a free guided tour.


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  1. jkc says:

    do you think airlines specifically pick the worst movies? i wonder who is in charge of choosing…

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