Hope Nobody Shoots a Dog Tomorrow

It’s that time again…Crafty Bastards time!  It’s the time of year when you start to think about staying in and knitting that scarf and setting up a killer Etsy shop.  Or you may just consider buying things made by others.  Either way, Crafty Bastards is here to help.

Last year, there were all kinds of individual crafts, t-shirts, tube socks, concert posters, etc with which to make your stupid friends who only shop at Urban Outfitters feel jealous.  In addition to cool stuff, there are also writers [and my favorite, cartoonists!]  from the City Paper, breakdancing demos, and of course, street food.  And for you fixie aficionados, there will be a free bike valet, so don’t worry about finding an available lamp post.  And if you have not yet let go of caring about Project Runway, Jay McCarroll (winner from the first season) will be on hand to shill some of his new woodland-inspired prints

It seems there is something for everyone: hipsters, hippies, granola, fashionista, frugalista, organic…probably not scenster.  It does start at 10:00.  And that’s when they’re giving out the tote bags! 

I recommend bringing lots and lots of cash; you will see something you like.  Crafty Bastards is from 10-5 tomorrow (Saturday) at Marie Reed Recreation Center in Adams Morgan.  P.S. At the Adams Morgan Day festivities recently, a police office shot a dog.


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