Check Out These Chotskies

I once heard someone say that the people passing out flyers at the Metro station must just be thinking Here, you throw this away.

I used to think I was being nice by accepting a flyer to Chinatown Express (duh, I don’t need a flyer, I already go there about every week) or letting the telemarketer get to the end of his spiel before I say no (this is not the way to go, folks.  Apparently, telemarketers don’t like being telemarketers and therefore do not enjoy you letting them exercise their expertise).

In any event, I received some pretty good chotskies this weekend at Crafty Bastards, then at the Takoma Park Street Festival.  All free, and also, thanks to my free tote bag, easy to carry around and look like I’d been participating.  Take a gander at my takings.

Capital Bikeshare was giving out free karabiners to advertise the new bike rental program the city is expanding.  There are rental stations all over the city.  You can take a bike from one place and return it to another.  You can join for a day, a month, or a year.  Though a ride under 30 minutes is free.

I stopped and talked to Ben Claassen III, the cartoonist for the City Paper.  I bought a button of his caricature of Sarah Palin two years ago and sent it to a conservative relative, resulting in some unforeseen consequences.  Family, politics and humor do not mix.

I got an invitation to a Quaker meeting.  More to come on that after I see what the Friends are up to.

Arganica Farm Club offered me a free four week trial membership to their locally grown produce, eggs, meat whatever.  It’s local, so that means it’s amazing and I should get some.

I promised the earnest young art student that I would attend Artisphere at the old Newseum in Rosslyn on 10.10.10 (wow, that’s catchy).  On Sunday there will be a dance party with Chopteeth, local Afro-funk band, at 9:00.  For free.

Maybe before the Artisphere party on Saturday, I can get over to the Lisner Auditorium to hear the Mavis Staples and Bettye LaVette concert.  Those ladies got soul.

I was transported back to high school at the Smoothie King stand thanks to the Angel Food smoothie.  I now have to opportunity to get a dollar off my next purchase.

Besides all the free stuff, I got some good finds for cash money, but I’m enjoying the free stuff for all it’s worth.


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