Street Food Is Back

After getting some semi-severe food poisoning while abroad, I have some mixed feelings about street foodIt’s right there when you want it and it’s so delicious part of me says.  Yeah, and remember how you felt after you had it? the other part says.  It’s enough to remind one of the late genius Richard Pryor.

But street food is back, and there’s no need to worry.  At least, if you’re not a brick-and-mortar restaurant owner.  Then you might be feeling a little ornery.  But if you’re just hungry, a little piqued by a long day of being intelligent and attractive, dear reader, you may find yourself at a highly trafficked area like Farragut Square or Foggy Bottom or a Smithsonian and be faced with an array of choices.

There is the normal (Sweetgreen: good old fro-yo), the very-DC (Curbside Cupcakes), and the extra-campy (Fojol Bros: Indian fare served with a side of Super Mario Bros.).  If you’ve already selected a favorite, you can always find where they’ll be on Twitter.

Tomorrow and Friday you’ll have the chance to support your favorite food truck and even maybe find a new favorite.  At CityCenterDC (otherwise known as the parking lot in Chinatown where you catch the MegaBus or BoltBus to New York) there will be food truck festivities all day long for the Curbside Cookoff, including but not limited to voting on the best street food, yoga and graffiti demonstrations, happy hour sponsored by Flying Dog, dance parties in the evenings, and who knows what else.

I recommend Fojol Bros, but, hey who grew up with Super Mario Bros. and isn’t a big fan of the ‘stache?


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  1. jkc says:

    that ‘stache is awesome!

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