But It’s So Delicious

I have a commitment problem.  This problem causes me to stand in a line for an hour once I have committed to having lunch from the taco truck at today’s Curbside Cookoff.  Once I’ve gotten to the halfway point, I think Why think better of it now?  I can’t get back the half hour I’ve already invested, so why not see this through to the bitter end? This might be an unhealthy social tendency, but in this case, the end was delicious.

The Curbside Cookoff was a big success.  There were at least fifteen food trucks in the CityCenter parking lot at 11th and H in Chinatown.  By the time I made it to the front of the line, the Takorean guy told me they were all out of drinks–a sure sign of a good take that day.  The weather was beautiful: bright sun shone down on hungry people, heightening the anticipation and raising the temperature.

If you didn’t get there for lunch today, you still have all evening (happy hour from Flying Dog and a native-to-DC hand dancing demonstration.  More activities run all day tomorrow, 11:30 to 8:00.


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