A Very Real Problem In DC

Now that Halloween is over, the populus (for the most part) is back to dressing normally.  What normal wardrobe means for DC is the topic for today, and is a growing concern for all DC residents.

DC is the victim of a barrage of tourists, counting over 15 million visitors per year.  The tourism industry brings over $5 billion in revenue to the city’s coffers, but it also brings the horrifying sight of tennis shoes worn with jeans, fanny packs, ponchos, and any number of incarnations of whatever is acceptable wear in Midwestern junior high schools.

It is not only the tourists!  Many commuters believe that it is acceptable to wear tennis shoes with a business suit on the Metro.  This is not acceptable.  We know heels can give you blisters, but come on! There are lesser evils to this cardinal wardrobe sin.

As it’s been said, “Navigating the professional field in fashion is so hard to do. You need to look good, but appear professional. Be well dressed, but not provocative; Appear modern, but not cutting edge.”  Wearing tennis shoes makes this impossible, for men and women.  Full stop.

Bad wardrobe choices don’t only hurt you, they hurt others.  They hurt DC.  They hurt puppies! OK, not puppies, but see the clip for more on this terrible mentality plaguing our nation’s capital.  And please, just get some flats.


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  1. Jo says:

    Your picture reminded me of a story about the Duchess of York’s visit to Houston in the late 80s. She wore a white dress with white shoes out of season and it made the evening news.

  2. Yes, the “no white shoes after Labor Day” is a real rule. It can’t just be my mother who lives and dies by it. Poor Fergie, though. Not the end of her troubles, poor dear.

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