Nothing Is As Good As Dumplings

Happy New Year, everyone.  I woke up this morning thinking that the day, no, the year, was spread out ahead of me, full of possibility.  And what I most wanted were dumplings.

Dumplings might be the perfect food.  They are packaged like little presents, saying Hey, you know I’ll be delicious, but you don’t know exactly how. Then they explode with flavor, sometimes also exploding sauce down your front.

My old standby for greasy Chinese, Chinatown Express, does steamed dumplings, but they’re not out of this world.  Where to experience dim sum in the District?

Well, technically it’s in Maryland, but Oriental East, in a shopping center just next to downtown Silver Spring, is the place.  On weekends, the line for a table stretches out the door.

The draw is not only the dumplings themselves, but the way they are served.  Once seated, your server comes around with a cart brimming with any and all kinds of dim sum, shrimp and pork, taro cake, sesame balls, etc.  You point and choose, then enjoy.  This is only on weekends, making these the perfect comfort food after late nights.

So take some friends to keep you company while you wait in line, and get there by 11:00.  It’s Metro accessible too.


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  1. jkc says:

    try Good Fortune in Wheaton sometime for their dim sum. really really good.

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