High Rustic at Birch and Barley

As a beer fan, I feel a little sheepish to say that I only just recently ate at Birch and Barley.   Maybe I was put off by the long lines to get into Churchkey, the restaurant’s upstairs bar.  Maybe I was afraid it wouldn’t live up to expectations.  Maybe Logan Circle just has a ton of great choices.

Whatever the reason, the wait had to end.  As a winner of the 2010 Rammy for Best New Restaurant, I expected great things.

With a choice of 50 beers on tap, in 4 ounce or full size, you can really start to expand your horizons.  My new personal favorite is the Jan de Lichte, a crisp, light, full of flavor beer, spicy and a perfect balance my entrée.

As much as I loved dinner (my Ricotta Cavatelli featured the kind of cooked down beef shortribs you imagine 18th century royals must have savored at their summer palaces), I cannot wait to come back for brunch.  For $30, you get Freshly Fried Donut Holes, Choice of 2 Brunch Cocktails, Choice of Entree, Bottomless Iced Tea or Illy Coffee. My love for Illy coffee knows no bounds!  Same for freshly fried donut holes.  And together?  I’m sold.

To say Birch and Barley is a good restaurant doesn’t do it justice.  The menu and beer list have obviously been the subject of much study.  I do recommend going with people you enjoy, since the service may be slow.  But if you’re full of donut holes or excellent beer (or both), you’ll be too happy to mind.

Run, don’t walk, to Birch and Barley.  Oh, but make reservations.  This place is still hot.


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  1. OctaviusIII says:

    I’ve been wanting to go there for a while now! The crowd up at Churchkey was somewhat of a turn-off (too insular!), but perhaps I should give Birch & Barley some time.

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