Wrath of Khan’s

On H Street and craving Asian?

Good news – no longer do you have to grit your teeth and frequent the likes of Danny’s or, um, Good Danny’s (formerly Mediocre Danny’s). Opening this week at the corner of 12th and H comes Khan’s Bar and Grill, the latest in a line of new openings in the Atlas District.

The premise is pretty much what one would expect – simple and attractively priced Asian fare.
Pick from a variety of fresh veggies and fill your bowl, then choose from a variety of sauces (mmm…spicy bulgogi...), take it up to the grill, and watch it sizzle and steam right before your eyes. The chefs add a hint of flair towards the end to your viewing delight, and a bang on the gong indicates it’s time to eat. It’s considered polite to clap and cheer.

Sit at one of the tables and you’ll soon be distracted by a cloying variety of big screens, or chill at the surprisingly well-stocked bar and enjoy a cocktail with your meal. Good news for the outdoorsy crowd – there’s an outside patio coming soon. The ambiance suits the growing demographic well, with exposed brick walls, track lighting, and a good mix of 90s and classic rock playing overhead with the occasional old school hip-hop track sprinkled in for flavor.

Recommended to those on a tight budget looking for a quick, decent meal on H before venturing elsewhere. Khan’s doesn’t seem like much of a destination, but it’s straightforward Mongolian-style BBQ, it doesn’t try to be gimmicky (I’m looking at you, Star and Shamrock) and it adds a much needed in-between dining option to the developing corridor.

Post guest written by Joel Church.  To write your own review, submit ideas in the Comments.


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