Wild Horses, Take Me Away

It’s another Monday, DC.  Another start of another work week.  Another day to sit at a desk.

But what’s that?  On your way to work you saw something out the window of your compact car that made you yearn to run free through a field of waving wheat all the more?!

That’s right!  Those are horses there grazing on the side of I-395, reminding you of your firmly (but quietly) held belief that humans weren’t made to sit at a desk for eight hours a day.

The story with the horses: while being transported to some location (I like to think they were going to a windswept beach where they could gallop freely), the trailer ran a flat.  The driver (Big John) cautiously pulled the trailer to the side of the highway and let the horses out to graze while the tire was fixed.

As all this transpired, commuters craned to ogle the horses, thinking back to that field trip they took to the petting zoo in second grade, wanting so badly to get back to the great outdoors, somehow, some way.

But people!  You can go back to the farm!  Go cropmobbing!

Cropmobbing is a way for city dwellers to take a day and get their farm jollies out on a local farm just outside DC.  Not only will you feel amazing doing real work with your hands, you’ll be helping out a local sustainable farm.  The DC Cropmobbers (People for the Potomac) organize day-long events regularly.  The event is free: you work, the farmer feeds you lunch.

Get back to the farm!  You’ll feel amazing.


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