Ms. Vedral Goes to Washington: POV

pic courtesy of Washington City Paper

Living in a city that is constantly flooded with tourists for most of my life, you learn to be cool and nonchalant about all the amazing things your city has to offer. New Yorkers don’t go to the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building except on school trips or with out-of-town guests. So my first thought at arriving at POV at the W was “this is not for locals.”

In fact, a new friend that I made that night was quick to point out many times throughout the night that he only comes there with out-of-town guests, for the view.

But what a view.

There’s nothing that can compare to having a well-made drink and dancing to great music while staring at the Washington Monument. Or the White House. Or even just the Treasury Department. It’s breathtaking. And well worth the…well, I guess this is a good time to talk about the best part of the view. No crazy line. No overpriced cover. No random grinders dancing up on you, making you regret ever leaving your house that night. I’m not sure what the “Jersey” equivalent is here yet, but wherever it is, you don’t need to go there in order to get a good look at this view (also, I’m not sure what you guys call B&T, but I think that there was some of that action happening as well, just fyi).

DC, if you only knew how to play hard to get! NY would never let you get near such a view without paying dearly for it (time, money, dignity). This was when DC took of his glasses–ostensibly to clean them–and I saw some major potential.

So, it’s not for locals. But if you’re a fellow New York exile like me, you may need to come here from time to time and remind yourself that you still live in an amazing place. And if you’re a long-time DC resident, you need to bring your New York friends here; it will definitely earn you some street-cred.

Next time, I’ll tell you all about my dinner with the mayor of Café Milano!

Written by Juliet Vedral.  Where should Juliet go next time?  Make your thoughts known on Twitter.


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  1. jkc says:

    the Jersey equivalent is VA and MD.

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