House of Secrets: The Mansion on O Street

pic courtesy of IgoUgo, author Idler

Previously one of DC’s best kept secrets, the Mansion on O Street is a simply exquisite place to spend the day. Equal parts museum, hotel, and brunch spot, there’s certainly something for everyone.

The usual DC museum experience this is not. To find such a quirky, description-defying museum tucked away on a residential street in tony Dupont is quite an impressive feat in our frequently uptight company town. $7 (or so, see full price list here) buys you admission to explore a collection of two or three conjoined rowhouses filled to the brim with bizarre kitsch.
There are over 100 rooms in the place, each with its own theme, and  each one decorated with a dizzying array of fascinating knick-knacks (all of which are for sale!), tons of framed art, an amazing collection of autographed guitars, and enough secrets to blow the roof off the Watergate.
The scope of such a vast hoard of curios and bric-a-brac is astounding. Everything changes regularly, so it’s great for repeat visits — you’ll see something new every time. Alas, dear readers, this is where my review ends. I’d give more details, but it would be a disservice to you to divulge any more — it’s truly better to keep this a surprise. A must see for people who don’t hate fun.
Read more here about making reservations.
2020 O St NW
Written by Joel Church.

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  1. Mlle_Marie says:

    I don’t hate fun! And I love not spoiling amazing surprises!

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