Celebrity Sighting on H Street: Rhymes with Yo’ Mama

photo courtesy of City Chic

As we’re sure most people know by now, the Obamas dined at H Street’s newest chic eatery, Boundary Road, last evening. The whole 400 block of H was blocked off from 5-8pm. The snipers hanging out on nearby roofs and the big line of police motorcycles (complete with sidecars) was, in a word, impressive. Perhaps even a bit overwhelming.

Local revelers were camped out on every corner desperate to catch a glimpse of the leader of the free world and his entourage. Residents of the Atlas District were excited and proud to host the Prez. A young enterprising gentleman tried delivering an H Street tee to Barack, but was politely denied by the professional Secret Service agents swarming the block. Cameras flashed and people waved as the motorcade finally left a little after 8. I wonder what Barack had for dessert.

In just a few short years, H Street has transformed into quite the destination. The First Lady ate at Sticky Rice back in November, and Lady Gaga sweated her heart out at Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill during her last tour stop here. Who’s gonna be spotted next? George Clooney hitting up Liberty Tree? Mad Men’s Jon Hamm sipping a Sazerac at Church and State? Guesses, people! Let’s see ’em below.

Written by Joel Church. Buy his book Fingerprints here at Amazon.


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