The Hamilton: Old Ebbitt Gets Refreshed

pic courtesy of Penn Quarter Living

Need more proof that DC has arrived? Look no further than The Hamilton, the latest offering from the the Clyde’s braintrust located at the corner of 14th and F in Northwest. Holding a capacity of 850 over three massive floors, it includes Washington’s newest music venue and it’s an insomniac — the whole place is open 24 hours a day. From the picture of Alexander Hamilton wearing Kanye sunglasses on the website’s main page, you immediately know you’re in for something different — this ain’t yo daddy’s restaurant.

First up is the main floor. The days of stuffy and stolid are over, folks – The Hamilton is totally the New Old Ebbitt Grill. And change is good. Combining elements of old and new, the familiar wood-paneled booths coexist in perfect syzygy with eclectic modern art and unusually bright walls. It makes for a very warm and convivial atmosphere. The upstairs bar is a bit off the beaten path and is markedly darker than its downstairs partner. I didn’t get a chance to check out the music venue but apparently it’s old supper-club style and the seating is first-come, first-serve. Ticket prices range from $15 for local acts to $25 and up for the bigger names. Eddie Money played about a month ago.

The menu offers Clyde’s popular brand of American-new-delicious as well as a sushi bar to cater to DC’s ever-widening palate. They offer over 20 different beers and wines by the glass as well as an extensive cocktail list featuring Washington’s newest small-batch liquor creations.

Bargain hunters beware – the place is a little pricey, but nothing out of the norm for a swanky downtown establishment. For good reason, The Hamilton is immensely popular right now, so if you’re looking to have a more intimate meal with normal conversation levels, I recommend Ceiba just a block away. Either that or plan a late dinner, like at 4am.

Written by Joel Church. You can buy his book Fingerprints here at Amazon.


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