Call for Writers

Greetings readers!

Some of you may or may not have noticed that the posts have been slow in coming lately here at DC Style Is Real.  Has DC Style gotten a little too real lately and precluded the writing of fine and entertaining posts for your reading pleasure?  Perhaps.

pic courtesy of Wikipedia

That’s why I want you (YOU!) to write for this blog.  If you think you have some great DC information to share with the wider world, please feel free invited to share.  Think of DC as a wonderful, but sometimes reserved friend you want to introduce to the rest of your friends.  Sure, they may not appreciate her sardonic and dry sense of humor at first, but if you can present different parts of her character (restaurants, plays, parks, bars, shops, the works!) in a fun and quirky way, think how happy they’ll be to know this side of DC.

The audience is anyone who lives in DC; the subject is anything you like (or don’t like and would love to see improved: e.g. The Never-Ending Streetcar Project).

Questions?  Tweet ’em at me, little darlin’.


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