Happy Hour Chronicles: Vinoteca

pic courtesy of We Love DC
pic courtesy of We Love DC

Vinoteca, once you find it, lives up to the hype. “Everyone goes to Vinoteca.” “My friend had a great engagement party there.” “It’s the best place in the world!” (Choose the true statement)

Tucked into a demure rowhouse off U Street, Vinoteca surrounds you with a clean and modern Italian feel once inside.  What is an Italian feel?  You be the judge.

The happy hour crowd is jovial but not rowdy, a welcome change for the U street scene, especially across the street at Solly’s where standing room can be not nearly roomy enough. The bar is adorned with greenery in tasteful and modern glass and crowded with tasteful and modern young professionals.

Happy hour extends to the high stools around a counter separating the bar area from the dinner seating.  Wine by the glass is half off, though the delightful bartenders may cut you a deal on a bottle.

Stop onto Vinoteca for a glass (or glasses) of wine after a long day at work. You’ll be transported to a world where clean lines, sunlight, and good wine are at the front of your mind.

1940 11th St NW
Happy Hour runs from 5-7pm every day.


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