Free Photo Tour at the Capitol Building

C Street

Are you hoping you get around to taking some gorgeous pics of the spring flora before summer arrives?  Do you just want to get outside more often?  Do you live on the Hill?  Take advantage of a FREE opportunity to tour the ground of the Capitol and get some photos in the process.

The U.S. Capitol is more than the center of power. It’s a great collection of art, history and outdoor gardens. See it with a licensed guide and photographer.

After circling Congress’ home and seeing the Library of Congress and Supreme Court, we’ll head down to the Grant statue that includes breath-taking cavalry and artillery charges along with the Capitol fountains. We’ll finish inside the Botanic Gardens learning to photograph many of the nation’s plants.

Tour begins at the bottom steps of the Supreme Court,  10:00am til 1:00pm, Saturday, June  8.


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