Millennials Take DC: Millennial Week

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Are you a Millennial?  Do you like being a Millennial?  Get some perspective on what other Millennials are up to  starting June 2…and say the word “millennial” a whole lot!

Millennial Week is a week-long series of events launching June 2, 2014, focused on the impact the Millennial generation is making on culture, enterprise and society. Millennial Week looks to cultivate, promote and present meaningful ideas and trends that reflect the impact of Millennials.

Events will highlight politics, service and entrepreneurship and offer educational and networking opportunities to millennials of all ages.


June 2: Millennial Week Awards Reception

Millennial Week Awards will recognize outstanding Millennials influencing entrepreneurship, politics and philanthropy.

June 3: Power Forward —AMillennial Town Hall

Presented by the Washington Post in partnership with Rock the Vote, Power Forward will convene some of the Nation’s most influential Millennials to provide insight on the influence of Millennials on the current political climate.

June 4: Millennial Entrepreneur’s Forum

In a partnership with 1776, this event provides Millennials the opportunity to network with successful entrepreneurs and small-business experts.

June 5: Millennial Made Wine & Food Tasting

This rooftop event will feature live chef stations, dessert and wine, all crafted by Millennial entrepreneurs.

June 7: Millennial Day of Service

In a partnership with Capital Cause and Young Government Leaders, young philanthropists from across the city will by creating lively learning environments at local middle schools.

June 8: Millennial Innovator’s Brunch

In the closing event for Millennial Week, change makers, innovators and entrepreneurs will gather for a keynote presentation and networking over a three-course brunch.


  • The weeklong celebration is dedicated to celebrating and bringing together topics that are important to Millennials.
  • Expect events throughout the week focused on topics from politics to entrepreneurship to social good.
  • Official event details and tickets here:


  • Born between 1977 and 2001
  • Also known as Echo Boomers and Digital Natives
  • Largest generation with 92 million in the United States and 1.8 billion globally
  • Most diverse generation nationwide

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