Wine and Design, Take Me Away

postal museum


Taking a step away from the dusty yet somehow still humid DC summer and into the cool and calm recesses of a museum is one of the pleasures of living in this city of ours.  Getting to spend time decompressing with a glass of wine and a project you don’t necessarily need to do perfectly is another.

At Wine and Design, the affordable monthly event sponsored by the Postal Museum, attendees can (for the price of a drink or two out at a crowded bar) help themselves to drinks and snacks while creating a featured craft with the guidance of the kind and generous staff on hand to give advice.  Instead of wrestling for space at a popular bar, sit yourself down with a glass of wine at a table covered in brown butcher paper…look around at the almost unlimited amount of craft supplies, and make friends with the people on either side of you, eager to take a break from their phones…listen to the sound of friends laughing about their inability to get paper beads to stick to each other.  The stress of your workday starts to fade away in the spirit of creativity found at these events!


Wine and Design takes a note from Handi Hour and other museum-sponsored events, which host live music by local bands as well as offering different crafts directed by various experts.  Previous crafts have been making paper beads with stamps at the Postal Museum and making collages with comic books provided by a local comics shop.  And if you’re afraid that you won’t be “good,” having a glass of wine or two on an empty stomach will remedy your worries.


The next Wine and Design from the Postal Museum on September 10th will focus on calligraphy.  Do yourself a favor, take a break, and go back to arts and crafts.
pic courtesy of Wine and Design at the Postal Museum

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