Rogers Naylor Opens Exhibit at Susan Calloway Fine Arts

The Warmth of the Sun, Oil on canvas, 2016

Find an array of “cafe society” paintings at Rodger’s Naylor’s opening reception at Susan Colloway Fine Arts, this Friday from 6-8pm.

Adhering to a realistic yet painterly style, Rodgers Naylor paints in an “alla prima” manner, which allows great flexibility in mixing colors and attaining soft edges, fostering a fresh, spontaneous approach to painting. For his upcoming exhibition at Susan Calloway Fine Arts, Naylor delves into modern day “café society”. In Parisian life in the late 18th and early 19th century, cafés were places of companionship as well as intellectual discourse, and often enough, just frivolous enjoyment. Though we don’t hear the term “café society” often now, the concept and its lifestyle are very much alive today. This exhibition explores the café as a gathering place for people of all ages and walks of life to break bread peacefully together, to enjoy the camaraderie, as well as that extra cup of coffee.

ARTIST STATEMENT: I am interested in the effects of light and shadow as well as warm and cool colors. I am also intrigued by the interplay between the landscape and its human inhabitants. I paint expressively and decisively, both in the studio and en plein air. I am especially drawn to scenes of human activity, so many of my paintings involve figures in the context of a landscape. 

The Café Life opens on Friday, February 10 and runs through Saturday, March 11. Rodgers will be in the gallery on Saturday, February 11 at 4pm, discussing his artwork and process.

Susan Calloway Fine Arts specializes in contemporary art by local, regional, and international artists, and offers a selection of vintage and antique American and European oil paintings as well. The gallery provides extensive art consulting services for business and residential clients and collaborates with architecture and design trades. The gallery also specializes in conservation framing using archival-quality materials and techniques.


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